For Administrators and Supervisors

KidConnect has been developed to make your communication experience simple, quick and easy. It also keeps you in tune with the learning, tracking and communication happening in your centre with ease.

Why Administrators/Supervisors want KidConnect?

Connect with parents on their phone for any or all classrooms at once

Communicate all information & notices easily

Organize events and post them on the calendar for reminders

Collect money and consent for field trips easily

Keep track on attendances on a daily basis

Be in touch with the classroom easily via their communication to the parents

Key Features

Inform and engage parents easily on their mobile devices, using the same approach they are interact with their friends.

The announcement and reminder function makes sure that parents will not miss any information about field trips and other events.

Send pictures as well as the development milestones for both parents and teachers to understand their child’s progress and needs.

Record child’s daily acitivies any time during the day and send the final daily report digitally to the parent's mobile devices.

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