Important Announcement: KidConnect Will Be Discontinued

Dear administrators and friends,

It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing the believe service, KidConnect, a.k.a. KWE App.

We started KidConnect in 2015 as a small team of passionate and experience designer, engineers, programmers and most importantly as parents who want to bring changes to childcare community. Over the years, we have tried to set our mission: using technology to build a better community to support children’s development. Along our journey, we have learnt great lessons with your kind support and advice. It has been a great pleasure serving the parents and you and thank you for the love and support for KidConnect.

The service shutdown is on Dec 31, 2018. Before that time, you can download the school gallery, learning stories and posts with your administrator’s web login. Please click the link below: It may take a long time to load the page with full-size pictures. You can then save the page to your local drive. Here is a short video demo.

Thank you again for being a KidConnect user, and wish you all the best.

Best regards, the KidConnect Team