Stay engaged of your child’s learning from anywhere.

For Parents

KidConnect has been designed to provide parents the peace of mind to have all information about their children at their fingertips. If you forgot to tell the teacher something in the morning send them a message via the Chat!

You can go back and look at information that you might want to recollect. You can also have all the daily reports of your child or weekly reports from your child’s music or dance school to review at a later date.

What does KidConnect do for me?

Never miss an important announcement or event

Provides you with important Learning moments of your child

Share important pictures digitally with your family or friends

Chat with your child’s teachers

Schedule play dates & birthdays easily

Pay for your child’s field trip easily

Key Features

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Send invitations to teachers

Do you want to receive more information about your child’s development in the classroom?

Do you want to get your child’s birthday party organized in a few simple taps?

Do you want to stay engaged of all the events and activities your child is participating in?

Invite your child’s teacher to use the Kidconnect App. It’s free to start.