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About KidConnect

KidConnect was founded in 2016 to provide Childcare centres and different extra-curricular activity schools an ecologically friendly way to communicate with their parents efficiently. Why print sheets and sheets of paper and cut down so many trees when you can do it from your phone. That’s how easy it is!

In the world today we believe instant gratification. Any information we look for is at our fingertips with technology and our cellular phones. Why not the information about our child’s day at their childcare centre or their karate class?

KidConnect is a simple App, downloadable from the itunes or Android Store and helps schools, parents and teachers connect on a daily basis very easily.

Future of technology integration

We are living today in Web 2.0 and childcares and schools for children are further behind that generation of technology. We need to integrate technology into the education field to close the gap in speed of transfer of information. That’s why kidconnect was introduced. Eventually it will transform with further integration into the education and activity industry.

Let's ensure going forward we are building the foundation of seamless and timely communication without jeopardizing the earth.

Save the Earth — Urging all parents and teachers to help!

We all know the removing trees impacts the earth. It causes global warming leading to climate change and also eradicates animal species by destroying their home. Most governments in the civilized world have made regulations to plant a tree when we remove a tree.

Why are we promoting deforestation by accepting the way our child’s school communicates today. KidConnect is urging all parents & teachers to take the lead in promoting communication without paper, with the assistance of this technology available.

Fill out the form below and click submit and we will make sure that your child’s school or if you are a teacher then your school starts to use KidConnect to communicate with parents paperlessly.

You can also start to send information and connect with the parent via the App just by adding the list of parents to your class. Just submit the section below and we will take care of the rest.

Meet our team

Kidconnect helps educators to engage, motivate, inspire and encourage learners.
This is the team behind Kidconnect.

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